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Upholstered Wooden Bar Stools

The bar stools that are available here are upholstered onto the classic wooden frame. We have a large range of different fabric and leather options as well as several different collections of colour options available for each bar stool.

Whilst bar stools have been around for centuries, the increase in different styles available has risen dramatically since the turn of the 20th century. This is due to developments in the manufacturing process as well as with the introduction of the “breakfast bar” in the home in the late 20th century which helped bar stools gain popularity outside of commercial applications. However, despite the increase in the different designs of upholstered wooden bar stools over the years, there has been an array of upholstery techniques used for seating throughout history. The combination of the two is fairly recent although upholstered bar stools are fast becoming a favourite in bars, restaurants, cafés and coffee shops.

Regardless of the evolution in the design and style of the barstool the quality and high standard of manufacturing remains the same – and at Café Reality we aim to provide high quality wooden bar stools with comfortable upholstered seats to suit any décor.  

Wood as a material has endless benefits for restaurant furniture as it is durable, easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing. Modern styles combine the advantages, aesthetics and warmth of wood with the functionality of recent design techniques that provide comfort to the user. This comfort is vital to the dining experience as an uncomfortable seat can ruin the hospitality experience. Thus, alongside padded seats most of our wooden bar stools feature large backs which provide posture support and guarantees comfort. The high quality traditional manufacturing provides a stable base which ensures the stability of the user and prevents accidents.

Perfect for any restaurant, pub or bar, our high quality fabric bar stools are a great investment and are available in a vast array of colours, patterns and designs to compliment your décor. Bar stools are ideal for use with poseur tables that are becoming increasingly popular in restaurants, pubs and bars. We offer free UK mainland delivery as a standard on all orders as well as a free design and space planning service for restaurants and other hospitality businesses.