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Outdoor Teak Chairs

Teak chairs are best suited for outdoor use in a busy street side cafe or restaurant. The materials used are very durable and include modern features such as water resistant and UV reflection, meaning colours wont fade over time.

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Outdoor Teak Chairs can withstand all weather conditions which will be a consideration for many establishments as the hospitality sector start to reopen following lockdown.

Teak features many properties that give it lots of advantages over other materials used for outdoor furniture. There are 6 main benefits of choosing teak furniture for your restaurant, pub or café outdoor area. Firstly, it is highly durable as the natural character of the wood itself is able to endure tough environments. It is also easily cleaned with a simple wipe as the finish of the teak chair provides protection to the surface.

Teak is also very strong and this is vital to any high traffic area which is frequently visited by a number of people. It is weatherproof, enduring most weather from summer to winter and so can be used all year round. Due to the nature of the teak chair, being durable, strong and weatherproof, it is a high quality solution with a low cost maintenance. Last but not least, due to its low cost maintenance and its durability, teak maintains its beautiful finish which features natural colours and textures which bring warmth to any outdoor commercial setting.

We stock a range of teak chairs in different styles to suit a variety of decors. You can choose from Teak or Imitation option for the finish. These chairs are easy to maintain and are stackable for easier storage options and lightweight for a quick set up. Teak chairs are a great investment as they are truly durable as well as aesthetically pleasing.

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