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Outdoor Plastic Seating

Here we showcase a collection of plastic chairs that can be used both internally and externally. All our ourdoor plastic chairs are easy clean and an hygenic choice. Plastic dining chairs are perfect for use in cafes, bistros, coffee shops and bars, these chairs are light weight and can be easily relocated as necessary. 

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Outdoor Plastic Seating can withstand all weather conditions which will be a consideration for many establishments as the hospitality sector start to reopen following lockdown.

The development of plastic within manufacturing has transformed furniture dramatically with outdoor furniture being one of the biggest transformations within this field. Being easily molded and shaped, plastic has fast become a favourite material among furniture design as it paved the way for modernist designs during the 20th century. Its ability to be changed, whether shape or colour, has made colourful plastic chairs increasingly popular throughout European restaurants, and this popularity has started to hit the UK as well.

Plastic is the ideal material for outdoor furniture. This is for several reasons; firstly, plastic chairs are lightweight meaning that they can be easily moved and often are stackable which is perfect for restaurants, cafés and bars that move tables around often.

Secondly, plastic is durable and tough, being almost indestructible to weather (single molded ones) making it long-lasting. The edges on plastic chairs are smoothed and due to this and the lightweight nature the chair is safe around children. Thirdly, plastic is a versatile material and can be used to create an endless amount of designs and shapes in a number of colours and patterns. When used outside eye-catching plastic seating can attract those passing and give a great feel to your setting.

It is for the above reasons, and many more, that the plastic chair has become a rival to the classic aluminium and wood chairs, and continues to be a popular choice for a wide range of commercial applications. We provide a wide range of outdoor plastic seating in a number of colours and finishes. If you are looking to update your outdoor space with attractive colourful seating then we definitely have something for you.