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Outdoor Chairs

Welcome to our outdoor chair department where we showcase an unrivalled selection of café, pub, bar, bistro and restaurant outdoor seating.

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How to choose the right outdoor chair for your space

There is an overwhelming choice of outdoor chairs available in the marketplace, so this is a useful guide to highlight the different types on offer.

Outdoor Polypropylene chairs

Polypropylene is a flexible form of plastic that is soft to the touch, and it is a thermoplastic synthetic resin. Many outdoor chairs of this type are reinforced with fibre glass during the manufacturing process to add additional strength to the chair. Polypropylene can be recycled and is reborn into such applications as buckets, pipes and pallets. We also have benches and armchairs that are second generation and manufactured from high grade polypropylene. One piece poly chairs have grown in popularity as they are very durable, colourful, stackable, and lightweight and easy to handle. The Coral chair with its decorative design is one of our most popular.

Aluminium Outdoor Chairs

Aluminium has been used in outdoor table and chairs wince the 1960’s. Not only is it impervious to the weather but it is also lightweight and stacks efficiently. Aluminium is also very durable, in most cases, Aluminium chairs can be left out all year round. Sometimes especially in windy conditions its lightweight construction can be a disadvantage and the chairs can be blown away. There have been occasions where with have added sand into the tubular frame to prevent this happening. There are many variations available now that don’t have the traditional shiny appearance but our more colourful or can have a distressed appearance for design appeal. The Valence is a good example of an Aluminium chair with a traditional and colourful design.

PU Weave (Rattan Effect)

PU Weave or Rattan effect PU chairs has risen to the fore in the last few years. PU (Polyurethane)  is a composite material which is less durable then PE weave  which is reflected in its price point. Outdoor weave chairs are generally Black or Brown the weave is bound around an Aluminium sub structure which gives the chair its strength and rigidity. The weave is resits the build-up of mould and the colours don’t fade. This material is also sometimes referred to as imitation Rattan as it has a similar appearance to Rattan but is more lightweight and less expensive. Top quality PU weave chairs are safe to leave outdoors all year round.

Rope chairs

There has been a growing towards outdoor synthetic Rope chairs. Due to the give or flexibility in the material these chairs offer a greater degree of comfort and support. Polyester rope will endure harsh weather conditions, changes in temperature conditions and humidity and still maintain its appearance and softness. The Rope material can be maintained by periodically washing with warm water and a mild detergent.

Teak and Robina Wood Chairs  

Due to its properties Teak is one of the most durable woods used for building furniture as it is naturally weather resistant, resists UV light and repels the build up of moisture. The disadvantage of Teak is loss of colour from new and must be treated at least annually with a Teak Oil to maintain this look otherwise it will revert to a Grey appearance. Typically, Teak chairs will last at least 50 years and are very strong and robust but are more expensive than other outdoor chairs.

Robina wood is heavier and more compact and will offer a more consistent appearance over Teak. Robina is the only wood that carries a resistance class 1 (DIN-EN 350-2) Other woods such as Oak are class 2 and Pine is class 4. In short Robina wood offers greater resistance than Teak and is available at a similar price point.

All our outdoor chairs are designed to be used in commercial settings and are backed by factory guarantees. Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team for further information

Outdoor chairs have been a popular choice among many in the hospitality industry for outdoor spaces for sometime and we have seen an increased demand for outdoor furniture since the prime minister presented the lockdown easing guidelines in February 2021. Most of our outdoor seating is light weight and are easily moved as and when reconfiguration is necessary. In addition, our outdoor chairs are a good choice as we start to consider hygiene more than ever before. In this department we showcase outdoor seating that is hygienic, wipeable, practical and cost effective.

All of our outdoor chairs are available for a free UK mainland delivery service as standard.