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Cubes, Rounds and Placers

Great for breakout seating and save room with these soft seating shaped stools. There are loads of different designs and colours to choose from in this category and all are available in several colours and finishes.

Our range of Cubes, Rounds and Placers are a great way to add colour and texture to cafés, bars, coffee shops and break out areas in offices. The use of colour should not be overlooked when designing and planning a commercial space. Many restaurants, for example, practice colour matching, which is aiming to match the colour of décor to the type of food the restaurant serves.

Lighting and colour affect a number of things, including the ambience and mood, the perception of the restaurant and the appetites of the diners. Many believe that the overall enjoyment of a meal can be either enhanced or ruined by the surroundings. Thus, an inviting décor can communicate what type of business you are before the dining experience has even fully begun.

This idea of using colour to communicate, or to set the mood, can also be transferred into the workplace. Many offices now use colour in a way to create a positive environment that can revitalise and influence the people within it. Break out areas are a good example of where texture and colour is used to create a comfortable space for socialising in between periods of work. These types of spaces have been proven to enhance productivity and having a comfortable range of soft seating can only help.

We provide an extensive range of Cubes, Rounds and Placers that can be used to introduce colour into a number of applications, whether it be in restaurants, bars, cafés, coffee shops or in the workplace, such as in office break out areas. They have also been popular in hospitals and education sectors. Available in a wide range of styles, textures and colours, our range of placers has something to match any décor.

We offer a free delivery service to UK mainland addresses, although some highland postcodes are not included in this service. For more information, or for any questions regarding costs, orders or delivery times, please contact our sales team.