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Coffee Tables

This is our collection of coffee tables for commercial use in bars, restaurants, cafes and bistros. We have a wide selection of wooden and glass coffee tables available at affordable prices and in a range of different styles and designs.

The use of coffee tables can be traced back throughout history to around the 17th and 18th century in Europe, although the exact dates are unknown. They have also been documented extensively in the use of tea rooms throughout Asia, notably in the Indian subcontinent and Japan, where the tradition of eating and drinking at low tables still reigns, and so it is thought that it is possibly Japan where the influence for the European coffee table is sourced from.

Coffee tables gained mass popularity in Europe in the 20th century in both homes and in cafés, bars and coffee shops and since the early 20th century numerous designs and styles have been created and worked upon. Coffee tables, depending on the style, can be used in a way as to create a certain image or mood, and the aesthetics of a space can be transformed by the introduction of such tables.

We provide an extensive range of both wooden and glass coffee tables available to the UK trade, designed and built for use in commercial applications. This means the products we offer have been built with functionality in mind, as they are often used in high traffic areas and used frequently by customers. Our coffee tables not only compliment the feel of any bar, coffee shop, bistro or cafe reception, but they are built to last.

We offer free delivery to UK mainland addresses on both all of our furniture including our coffee tables. To ensure your postcode is within our service don’t hesitate to contact us, and for any questions regarding costs, orders or lead times contact our sales team who are happy to help.