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Plastic Folding Chairs

High quality plastic chairs that have the benefit of being to be folded as well for optimal storage solutions. The plastic that has been used in the manufacturing of these items is a high quality, ensuring the durability of of the chairs when often used.

Plastic has fast become one of the most common materials used for manufacturing furniture, and since its development has fast proven a rival against other materials such as aluminium and wood. Despite only becoming a trend in the past few decades there are many famous chair designs, such as the Panton chair, that have actually been around since the 1960s.

Due to its impressive ability to be shaped and moulded plastic has been used to create an endless amount of styles and designs and is responsible for some of the iconic furniture pieces of both the 20th and 21st centuries. Thus, plastic chairs remain a favourite within commercial applications, such as restaurants, cafés and bars, as they offer a wide range of styles to suit a variety of unique décors.

Combining this popular material with folding structures has proven to be successful and the result is seating that is perfect for use in commercial applications. Space is often a problem within cafés, bars and restaurants and one way to tackle this issue is with folding furniture. Plastic seating, often on aluminium structures, provides a stable and secure base ensuring the customer feels safe and comfortable. When not in use the folding mechanism allows this seating to be stored away efficiently maintaining maximum space capacity and allowing for high standard cleaning processes. Plastic folding chairs are lightweight and so can be moved easily, and more importantly safely, by service staff when required.

If seating is required in vast amounts then the folding mechanism and storing capability of this seating makes it the perfect choice. We offer several designs to choose from and these high quality chairs are available for free delivery within the UK mainland.