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Folding Fabric Chairs

The Folding chairs that are available here come with the choice of a few fabric colours. The fabric choices that are available come in a durable fabric and adds that little bit of extra warmth and comfort for the users.

Folding chairs have an extensive history and can be traced back to several different points in time. Already in use in Viking Sweden and Ancient Egypt, the frame was often made of wood and would be decorated with artistic carvings and ivory. In Northern Europe, remains of folding chairs have often been discovered such as the Daensen folding chair which was discovered in 1899. The Daensen is one of 18 known folding chairs that have been dated back to the Nordic Bronze Age. It is also documented that the folding chair gained widespread popularity during the Middle Ages.

With the rise of the industrial revolution came advancements in technology and use of materials. Thus, the use of materials such aluminium, plastic and glass revolutionised the furniture industry and its manufacturing processes. In 1947 Frederic Arnold went on to create the first folding chair out of aluminium, which also featured fabric strapping to create a seat and back. Only 10 years later, by 1957, the Frederic Arnold Company of Brooklyn was creating more than 14,000 chairs each day.

Since then the folding chair has been available in a wide variety of different styles, designs and finishes. Folding fabric chairs combine the strong, secure structure of aluminium, metal or wood with the comfort and style of upholstered seating. This combination makes folding fabric chairs perfect for commercial applications where stability and comfort are vital in maintaining the ambience of the setting. Being lightweight and foldable these chairs are ideal for restaurants, cafés and bars that often require furniture moving round. They can be moved easily, and more importantly safely, by members of staff, as well as being easily folded away to save space when not in use.