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Protection Screens

Whether it’s a working office, your local gym, school environment or exhibition, the one consistent factor with each is usually a constant flow of people within these areas. Heavy foot traffic brings a multitude of hygiene issues and many variables. One way to maintain the upper hand is by shielding one person from the next. Items like our Protect Deluxe Sneeze Screens offer an immediate barrier against potential airborne risks. Now more than ever you really cannot be too careful. With a world that’s developing and positively keeping health and safety at the forefront of our minds, cleanliness truly is akin to godliness.

Our manufacturers now have a greater focus on designing a range of equipment that shields us from contamination and by providing flexibility with the likes of our Future Protection Mobile Goal Post and Protect Mobile Glass Screens, you can dynamically shift and shield particular areas at a whim, with little to no effort. Part of managing and upkeeping greater hygiene levels is understanding that having more than one option at your disposal keeps you ready and prepared for more than just one scenario. Screens like the Visio 800mm High Countertop can be brought out and easily attached to desktops and shielding apparatus like our Protect Express Protection Screen give you both express delivery and a full-length solution for those standing locations. You might even require cordoning off entire sections, so by utilising products like our Fern Rope Barrier Post and Fern Barrier Post Rope, you can segregate and safeguard these zones entirely.

Keeping ahead of the curve and maintaining vigilance is what enables us to develop and continue on the oh-so-needed path to a world that’s better equipped to deal with potential health and safety curveballs. Our protection screens offer variety and safety combined.

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