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Protection Screens

If you have recently been out shopping, any encounter with staff may have been through a sheet of perspex, installed and designed to protect yourself and them from any potential harmful transmission from coughs, sneezes and talking. Some of the larger protection screens have a slightly clinical look and feel, not exactly ideal for the hospitality industry. Screen suppliers and manufactures are now offering hospitality screens such as the Protect Express Protection Screen and room dividers that have a warm and welcoming look and feel, with rustic wood, leather, marble lower panels instead of full acrylic or perspex. These screens are more in keeping and complimentary to the environments they are intended for.

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Cafes, restaurants, bars and canteens usually have constant flow of people which make them difficult to manage social distancing rules. Without signage, barriers and screens, peoples movements and flow will be varied and unpredictable, making customers feel slightly nervous and anxious about potential contamination. One way to maintain the upper hand is by shielding each customer, group or 'bubble' from the next. 

The Protect Deluxe Sneeze Screens offers an immediate barrier against potential airborne risks. Keeping health and safety at the forefront of our minds Cafe Reality can provide you with a number of cost effective  social distancing screens to keep staff and customers protected. 
Part of managing and up keeping greater hygiene levels is understanding that having more than one option at your disposal keeps you ready and prepared for more than just one scenario. Screens like the Visio 800mm High Countertop can be brought out and easily attached to desktops and shielding apparatus like our Protect Express Protection Screen give you both express delivery and a full-length solution for those standing locations. Our protection screens offer variety and safety combined.
Another type of screen that has been popular is the Future Protection Mobile Goal Post screen and Protect Floor Standing Wooden Goal Post Screen. These screens are lightweight as the lower area remains open, almost halving the weight of a standard full panel screen and allowing for wrapped cutlery, condiments, or single use menus to be passed through. This is a suitable lightweight solution for when you need to configure spaces or seating areas quickly and easily. The wheeled castor feet mean they can effortlessly be pushed along.
On reopening you may need to manage queues  and  cordon off entire dining areas, so by utilising products like our Fern Rope Barrier Post and Fern Barrier Post Rope, you can segregate and safeguard these zones entirely.
To understand the way in which Covid-19 may shape our restaurants, pubs and bars Cafe Reality created The Adapted Covid-19 Pub / Restaurant which features a number of the floor standing and mobile screens within this category. This concept model takes in to account the measures which have been discussed and developed by government officials and professionals from the hospitality industry.