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PPE & Information Boards

In light of the government’s recent allowance of the hospitality sector to once again commence trading, the importance of being equipped and prepared for as much as possible has never been more vital. Previously, you would seldom see stations such as our Elana Stainless Steel Hand Sanitiser anywhere other than the toilet facilities on-site, but now, requesting all patrons use these stations before going into premises is fast-becoming mandatory. Adopting a safer, more focused mindset when it comes to infection, needs to be the new-normal if we’re ever to rise above and continue on our lives as they once were.


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In order to keep awareness levels high and at the front of people’s minds, items like our Time Protect Covid-19 Warning Whiteboards and Antibacterial Fordo Linoleum Noticeboard can be useful tools. Our range of PPE Personal Protection Equipment and Information Boards don’t stop there, though. For personal or on-site use, we offer the Protective KN95 Respirator Face Masks in packs of 100, designed exclusively for managing and safeguarding the user from bacterial infections. Not just limited to pubs or restaurants, we have the Chary Desk Sanitiser Unit that provides personal protection at an arms-length for those working within the office. Alongside our sanitiser units, we offer sought after antibacterial hand sanitiser gel, too.

Infections spread from person to person with no encouragement and very little contact. In places where people congregate, this can be a recipe for disaster. Thankfully, the products listed above can dramatically reduce risk and protect your customers well as staff and due to the 43 page document outlined by the government on how to “keep workers and customer’s safe during Covid-19 in restaurants, pubs, bars and takeaway services”, we are focused on providing this equipment to you, so you can continue keeping the masses happy.