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COVID-19 Protection

With a global pandemic taking centre-stage in a troubling and difficult 2020, we here at Café Reality are all too aware of the effects it has had on our working environment. From furlough schemes to 2-metre social distancing measures, there’s been plenty of upset. Now, with the government putting an ease on lockdown restrictions and many people returning to work, maintaining a strong focus on the health and safety of those within your place of work should be top priority. With this, we have put together our own COVID-19 protection-section to help aid your transition back to a safer working world. 

Unless you’ve been frequenting yourself under a solid boulder or two, you’ll more than likely be aware of certain changes to the retail sector with regards to customer-facing establishments. Sanitation-stations have been setup to encourage and enforce a higher level of cleanliness and on top of this, many places have incorporated screen protection to help neutralise as much spread of the airborne disease as they can. There are various options within our COVID-19 protection section and each of them is designed to give the user, and those around them, a physical barrier to prevent airborne germs from travelling person-to-person. Ranging from smaller, self-supporting, next day sneeze-protection, to full-length, semi-transparent screens, each will provide a necessary tool in guiding your workspace through to a cleaner, safer one. With semi-laminate, aluminium-framed and semi-glazed options, we can not only provide helpful health and safety equipment to help safeguard your workforce, we also give you the opportunity to add a little style whilst doing so.

Vigilance and awareness are both key in the fight to contain and minimise as many potential risks as possible and with that in mind, I hope you consider us for some extra help in this department.