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Stainless Steel Table Bases

Stainless steel bases can give you a sleek industrial look to your seating area. Coffee, dining and poseur heights available in this section and can be matched with almost any of our table tops.

The use of stainless steel in furniture manufacturing has grown massively since the 20th century with the sleek and simple look fast becoming a favourite table base used in modern restaurants. There are several reasons why stainless steel has gained such popularity in commerical applications, but it can be understood as due to three main properties – stainless steel is 'stainless', strong and neutral. 

As suggested by the name, 'stainless' steel does not stain, corrode or blemish. It does not react with many other chemicals making it easy to clean with a variety of household cleaners. Due to this, spills and stains are much easier to remove as rather than bond with the material they simply sit upon the surface and can be easily wiped clean. This ease of maintenance is important within commercial applications where tables and bases require quick and easy cleaning during busy service periods. 

Due to it being easily cleaned stainless steel is decorative as it maintains its shiny aesthetic which is attractive and eye-catching. However, not only being decorative, steel it is also an extremely strong material which resists denting and can withstand rigorous use. These factors have made stainless steel an important material in a wide variety of manufacturing industries, but within the furniture industry it ensures that tables can be maintained easily within busy settings. This is incredibly important for cafes, bars, restaurants and bistros where the tables will be used by a number of people in one day. 

The silver gray aesthetics of stainless steel ensure it remains neutral as, largely, it does not clash with other colours. This makes it a great material for table bases as it can be used with a wide variety of coloured and patterned table tops, as well as alongside other materials. For example, a stainless steel base looks great with a wooden top and helps to balance the contemporary and traditional looks side by side. We offer an extensive collection of table tops in a number of designs, styles, colours and finishes. For any help with table tops and base please contact our design team who can help you with this process. 

We offer a free delivery service to UK mainland addresses on all of our stainless steel table bases as well as a free space planning service that can help you visualise your space.