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Self Levelling Table Bases

This is our range of self leveling table bases that can be fitted with any table top. These table bases can be placed on uneven ground and are guaranteed to be stable. Delivery of our self leveling table bases is free of charge to any UK mainland address as standard.

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A common problem for many cafes, bars and restaurants is uneven flooring. Quick-fix solutions such as beer mats and bits of cardboard often look unprofessional and end up dirty leaving a messy feel to the setting. As space is important within commercial settings the problem, more often than not, cannot be solved by rotating or moving the table. This leaves hospitality spaces with an ongoing problem that can be difficult to resolve during fast-paced busy service times.

One solution to this problem can be self-levelling table bases. Fitted with an innovative self-levelling mechanism, this advanced technology quickly levels out the table to any floor surface. It is cost-effective, easy and maintains the cleanliness of the setting as no longer will customers have to use napkins, menus or bits of paper. 

Not only do these tables help to maintain a clean and level dining setting, they also ensure the table is secure and stable as a wobby table can often lead to spillages which can prove difficult to prevent during busy periods of service. By ensuring a stable base for your table top, you can guarantee that diners feel secure and safe and can enjoy the hospitality experience free of worry or angst. 

We offer a free delivery service to UK mainland addresses, as well as a design and space planning service that is also free of charge. To take advantage of this great offer contact our design team for more information. For any queries regarding costs, orders or lead times don't hesitate to contact our sales team.