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Flip Top Table Bases

Ideal for storage solutions and creating space when not needed. The flip top table bases that we have to offer you here are designed for both of these functions, making life just that little bit easier. 

For cafés, restaurants, bars and bistros, atmosphere is central to the dining experience. Atmosphere largely comes from the guests – the glasses clinking, conversations and enthusiasm for the hospitality experience. This experience, however, is largely created not only from the food, drink and service, but also from the décor and surroundings. Thus, space is one of the most important aspects to consider when designing commercial settings. Flip top table bases are are an ideal solution to save space and can be used as and when needed whilst being able to be stored away more efficiently than a regular cafe table base.

Organising and space planning tables appropriately can be a difficult and stressful process, especially for restaurants that require regularly table shifts for different sized parties. The main issue is trying to space tables so that the atmosphere is maintained no matter how busy the setting becomes. How tables are spaced varies from setting to setting. For example, for a bistro an intimate and close-together space may be best, whereas for a large restaurant tables may be spaced further apart for a more private setting.

Space is also important to consider in terms of storage and hygiene. The close down at the end of a shift can be long and difficult especially when trying to clean around furniture. Flip-top tables and bases can be extremely helpful in this case as they can be easily folded over, moved and stored away when not in use. This opens up the floor space for cleaning and ensures the hygiene standards of the setting do not drop. When required the table top can be easily lifted back up and the table is ready for normal use.

Manufactured to a high standard with durable finishes, these flip-top bases provide a modern yet stylish feel to any hospitality setting, and can be a great solution to many of the space related issues faced in commercial applications. All of our items are available for free UK mainland delivery regardless of how many flip top table bases that you order.

For more advice on space planning please contact our design team who offer a free space planning service. This can ensure you feel confident in your order.