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Cafe Tables

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How to choose the right table for your eating establishment

One thing is for certain cafes and restaurants need tables in this article we set out what to look for when considering new tables for your café or restaurant. Every project we undertake is different and choices made depend on the design, space and customer demographic, for instance a family restaurant will have very different table requirements to a coffee shop or night club. Budget is always a consideration but not so much with those who use Café Reality as our choices are the most comprehensive.


Flexibility is often the key with most busy eateries the need to move tables together to create combinations for larger groups is a must. A simple and inexpensive table our Tulsa table is our overwhelming best seller and is available in eight TUFF tabletop choices. Straight edges on the top allow the table to be neatly butted together. The Anders table is a similar option with an upgraded base design.

Circular tables are less flexible but more informal than the linear designs provided by square and rectangular tables. Smaller round tables also have less footprint than a square table of a similar size so can be used in spaces that a square table will not fit so well. If space is generous a large table in the centre of the space can sometimes make a statement and be attractive to larger group bookings.  The Tulsa table is available at 1200mm diameter to seat around 6 people.


We have seen a rise in the demand for bar height tables in many settings. Not only does a mix in height add landscape to the overall design, but a higher table also offers the diner or visitor a more casual snack or drink opportunity over the dining height option which invites you to a full meal. Some thought should be given to the bar stool if the visitors decide to have a full meal at these tables during busy times. Most of our tables are offered in a choice of dining and bar (poseur) height so there is no difficulty is a match is required. Our Avalon Aztec bar height table is proving extremely popular with a trendy A frame trestle design and limitless in size due to available of extension tables. Coffee and lounge height tables are also a good option for a more casual experience and again add to the overall landscape of the design.


Size does matter, a 500mm square table is great in a coffee bar that only has to cater for drinks and snacks. Most restaurants will want to obtain as many covers as possible and so a mix of 600mm square and 1200mm x 600mm rectangular are commonplace. Settings that also provide conference and meeting facilities will want to look for deeper and bigger tables.


Table tops and bases come in great choices of colour and form a central part of the overall design. We have seen a growing trend towards an eclectic mix of products that don’t seem to follow a coordinated design but in fact it when done right this trend provides a unique look and very quicky gains the interest of the diner. The choice of tabletop will make a difference to the design as it is more likely to be on show and we have a very comprehensive choice of tops in our table top section.


Most tables are of course freestanding but there are other options. Flip top tables have the flexibility of being easy to store when not required. The Boomerang is a good version of this which comes as a complete table. Otherwise consider the Kriss Kross table base which has a simple flip top mechanism and can be used with most table tops commonly available. Continental styling is proving to be very popular and the French Bisto looks of the Continental table frame are proving very popular. Tables with in built self-levelling using innovative FLAT technology are a favourite with traditional restaurants and bars that have a uneven stone floor. The hydraulic technology in the table base removes the irritating wobble and improve the dining experience and, in the end, save time when setting out of level tables every day during your preparation period.

At Café Reality we have a table suit your requirement no matter your requiring. Please contact our sales and design team to discuss your project.

We understand that each restaurant, café, bistro and bar is unique and offers their own individual style and ambience, and so within this section bases, table tops and complete sets have been divided up to provide a mix and match style experience where you can build the table that fits with your space.

Choose from a variety of table bases – chrome, stainless steel, wooden and aluminium among others – and then select one our high quality table tops which are available in a wide number of finishes such as wood, solid colours, teak and multi-coloured stripes.

If you are browsing with a project in mind don’t hesitate to contact our design team to take advantage of our design and space planning service. Space planning where to put your tables can often be a huge hassle, because not only do you want to maximise the amount of people you can seat, you also need to adhere to fire regulations and ensure that people are safe in the event of an incident. This is why we offer this service completely FREE of charge which will take that pain away.

Tolix tables inspired by thr designer Xavier Pauchard are a favourite with cafes and restaurants that are looking for a an urban or industrial look. We have thse tables in stock with feature Matt Black or Gun metal finish legs and Dark Oak table tops. These tables can be teamed with the Tolix side chair or armchair for a classic and timeless design.

Avalon Aztec tables are offered at dining and bar stool height and ideal solution for cafes that want to landscape the setting and offer their customers a choice of sitting height. The bar height table favours a more casusal snack type situation whereas dining height is favoured for a a longer traditional eating experience. These tables also come with an overhanging frame feature above the table. The upper frame offers the opportunity to bring lighting, foliga and object d’art  closer to the table. The popular A frame design adds to the modern aesthetic of the table.

Trestle style tables having been growing in popularity often with thicker than normal table tops and colourful steel leg frames. The Solo table is great for modern cafes and resturants with a 40mm thick top and offered in colourful laminate finishes.

We offer tables with Continental or Parisian Bistro looks with circular or square HPL compact laminate table tops  in a choice of sizes and a choice of  table top coour and design.  These tables have a added benefit of being weather resistant and can therefor be used inddor or outdoors. A great addistion to a Bistro style cafe or Brasserie.

For any queries about cost, orders or shipping please contact our sales team who will be happy to help.