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Aluminium Tables

The aluminium tables that we have to offer you here come with bags of potential. The aluminium finish means that there is no chance of the tables rusting or staining.

Outdoor Aluminium tables for cafes, restaurants and bistros

Since the late 20th century aluminium has become the go-to material for both outdoor and indoor furniture. Since the 1970s, consumption of aluminium has more than doubled. As manufacturers and consumers alike learnt more and more about the advantages of aluminium its popularity as a material grew and grew. There are many advantages to aluminium as a manufacturing material including its durability, weight and resistance to erosion.

Due to its strength, yet also being lightweight, aluminium is a fundamental material to both the automobile and air travel industries. Its durable and lightweight properties also make aluminium the main material used by NASA when constructing space shuttles. Many of these attributes that make aluminium so popular within transport industries transfer over to its use within the furniture industry. Aluminium does not rust, stain or erode and is easy to move, easy to clean and long-lasting. Thus, its use within commercial settings is not surprising.

If you are looking for an outdoor table that is easy to upkeep then these tables are the perfect choice. Aluminium will retain, for the most part, its original appearance and structural positioning without much maintenance. For busy cafés, restaurants and bistros the properties of aluminium make it the ideal furniture.

We offer a range of modern, stylish and sleek aluminium tables that are available for free UK mainland delivery. For any queries on costs, orders or lead times don’t hesitate to contact our sales team who are happy to help with any questions you may have.