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Cafe Reality Buyer’s Guide: Cafe Chairs

There are many different types of café chairs available to you and it is important to get the right style to really add ambiance to your café/restaurant environment. For example if you have a restaurant with rustic décor, you want to try and match that feel as buying a more modern chair with say a chrome finish on the legs will look odd. Below are some examples of the different types of chairs that are available to you.

Wood Shell Chairs

These chairs are more commonly used in cafes and bistros. They look modern and usually constructed from beech plywood. As well as this there are usually a few different frame colour options including silver, aluminium and chrome being the most common. Some furniture dealers may even offer different stain colour options for the wood seats with some even offering solid colour options and upholstered options also. Below are some examples of these chairs:

Wooden Chairs

These chairs have more of a traditional feel to the as they are constructed entirely of wood and are usually used in restaurants as opposed to cafes and coffee shops. They come in a range of different stained finishes and styles to suit the needs of the buyer and are available in upholstered versions also. These chairs, unlike wood shell chairs are available with arms depending on the chair. Below are some examples:

Aluminium Chairs

These chairs are most commonly found outdoors as they are water proof, rust resistant and lightweight. Usually stackable and sometimes foldable for easy and efficient storage, these chairs are ideal if you want to extend your dining area outside or provide seating in a smoking area.

Plastic Chairs

Constructed from polypropylene these chairs are usually used outdoors as they are easy clean, weather proof and many ranges are stackable for easy storage and convenience. One advantage to these chairs is that they are usually available in vibrant colours that will not fade in direct sunlight and are light weight for added convenience. Below are some typical examples of these chairs:

Rattan/Imitation Wicker

Perfect for outdoor or indoor use making it very verstile. Light weight and resistant to heat, light and moisture, this material will not chip and is built to last. This type of furniture comes in a variety of styles and colours to suit the needs of the buyer. Below are some examples of these chairs:

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