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It is a shame but the Olympics are over. We at Cafe Reality would like to congratulate all of team GB on their fantastic efforts over the course of the Olympics and we can honestly say that we are proud to be British! Even though the Olympics are over, it seems that the games have become a catalyst for the opening of a large number of Youth cafes, a new style of centre aimed at young people.

Here young teens can take advantage of pool tables, game consoles and cafe areas that are kitted out with funky cafe chairs and unique cafe tables that create areas that the youths can sit and chat. The idea of youth cafes has been around for a while now, in fact under the director Dave Rollins, in the past 7 years, 20 youth cafes have opened however with the opening of the games this year, the amount of youth cafes and the need for cafe furniture is set to sky rocket.

Over the past 6 months before the games, there have been over 300 potential cafes register on Dave's Youth Cafe website and today as the games have come to an end, director Dave Rollins is confident that more than 200 of these are up and running as we speak. The need for cafe furniture for these youth cafes is also on the increase. Bright and funky cafe tables and cafe chairs are a suggestion for these new youth cafes to create vibrant areas for the young teens to engage in activities. The youth cafes are predominantly a Christian founded and have a clear spiritual agenda; however these centres are not open to solely Christians. Even though the Olympic Games are over, the youth cafe concept has been designed to survive for years to come, so you may very well see these popping up near you.

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