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Wobbly Tables Could be a Thing of the Past

Cafe Furniture, General Info October 19th 2012

So let's set the scene, you have just acquired a new business, and you want to open a cafe, bar or bistro. You've spent time looking for the right cafe furniture, making sure that it has the correct form and function to help enhance the appearance and feel of your establishment.

You have arranged your cafe tables and cafe chairs into their respective places but something's wrong, you haven't accounted for the uneven floors! Wobbly tables are the number one problem to customers that choose to dine out in restaurants or drink coffee in cafes. Some cafe table bases do come with levellers, but often these tables get moved around a lot and it becomes a lot of work to constantly re-level all of the tables that are wobbly.

There is one solution however and that is FLAT.

FLAT is a cafe table base that features technology that enables it to keep stable and aligned almost instantly, when placed on any uneven surface. The technology itself is elegant yet simple and can fit almost seamlessly into a wide range of products that may have before suffered from uneven surfaces. The technology works by each point of contact with the ground has its own hydraulic cylinder fitted within the leg and all the cylinders are interconnected with thin hoses filled with fluid.

How this works is that when the leg first makes contact with the ground, the fluid contained in the cylinder is forced out through the hoses and into the other leg causing it to extend. Once the opposite leg has made contact with the ground, the weight of the contact is transferred through the fluid and activates the locking mechanism in all of the cylinders leaving the table stable and without wobble. This is a patented technology and the video below explains the technology in further detail:

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