What's the real reason that some chefs under-cook your steak?

What's the real reason that some chefs under-cook your steak?

So how do you like your steak? Rare, medium-rare, medium, or well-done? Well, in most places nowadays, it simply doesn't matter anymore!

Picture this... You arrive at the local steakhouse and order your steak "medium". You hungrily await it's arrival, keeping drool at bay and resisting the urge to grip your cutlery in eager anticipation, but what arrives is NOT what you ordered! It's rare! Don't feel alone - this seems to happen to everyone and you might not know it, but it's actually a very strategic restaurant business move. It's not a move that's designed to frustrate or annoy you though. It's designed to save the business a lot of money and wastage. One could argue that in doing so, the restaurant is doing its bit for the environment.

Why does my steak always arrive undercooked? - The reason that you get a rare steak, regardless of what you order, is that restaurants experience a lot of send-backs for "over-done" steaks. Overcooked steaks, must be thrown away which spells wastage of meat and of course huge financial losses too. Restaurants now have a safety net...they send the steak out rare in hopes it will be enjoyed that way or simply sent back to be set on the grill for a little longer if the customer isn't happy. This happens so often that it's become somewhat of a trend.

Stephen Hanson, a New York restaurant owner interviewed by The Independent, said that the trend is designed to cater to economics as steak is an expensive food source that restaurants aren't keen on wasting just because a customer thinks it's been slightly over-cooked for their personal taste. In some areas, sending a steak back is more based on snobbery than on personal taste even. The waste of good steak on these merits could be seen as sinful!

If you are the type of restaurant that saves on steak wastage by using the rare steak cooking tactic, we'd love to meet you. If your customers are potentially sending their steaks back for a bit more cooking, we can provide you with the tables, chairs and other restaurant furniture pieces to keep them relaxed and comfortable while they wait. Creating a relaxed and comfortable environment can make all of the difference. Give us a call to discuss our range of restaurant, bistro and cafe furniture today. If you need some help bringing your space to life before the procurement process ask to speak with a member of our design team.

If you make them wait, give them a comfortable space to do so!

Posted by: Josh Seddon

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