Weird pub and café furniture

If you want to go down the weird and wonderful theme, then here are a few examples of the most unusual cafe tables and chairs you'll ever hear, and ideas on how to recreate them for yourself.

Beer crates for chairs - This is a classic quirky look and you will always have beer crates hanging around if you run a pub, so it's a great solution to use them. However, sitting on an actual beer crate isn't that comfortable, so add a cool cushion that maybe fits in with your colour scheme to bring a touch of comfort. 

Old pallets - This is a classic type of hipster furniture where everything is made out of an old pallet - your tables, chairs, desks, bars - you name it. It's a cool idea for quaint cafes or vintage inspired bars. You can paint over them to suit your desired theme too, and they're sturdy. 

Chairs and tables at completely the wrong height - If you want to draw your customers in with a weird and wonderful design, then this one is perfect. Try really high chairs with miniature tables, or even bigger tables with tiny chairs - you can create a hobbit or a giant feel. This is a great way to use old pub furniture.

Create an outdoor feel indoors - By bringing in bench style bistro chairs, you can create a feeling of the outdoors like you are eating on a picnic bench at a play park. This bench style seating is also a great way to encourage groups to attend your bar or table as they provide space for more people to sit together, thus encouraging more people to attend your amazing location.

Reclaimed pub furniture - There are lots of ways to decorate cafes and bars using items such as Victorian prams, recycled bicycle frames and antique sewing machines. It's easy to extend this style to your chairs and tables by using old school benches or the style of chairs and stools you would find in 1970s workplaces. These will help make your cafe or pub stand out. 

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Posted by: Josh Seddon

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