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We got a glimpse of the Big Brother House – well kind of!

Cafe Design, Cafe Furniture August 22nd 2017
We got a glimpse of the Big Brother House - well kind of!

Sadly we were thinking about cafe tables and chairs on launch night, how they would look on set and who would be sitting on or at them!

Seriously though the General Election and Brexit was on everybody’s mind at the time of the series and the official title became “The United Kingdom of Big Brother”. Keep that thought and it probably won’t come as much of a surprise that the interior of the house and the rooms were inspired by various aspects of British culture and the whole set became a make believe British village. Couple the inspiration with a few unusual features, designed to unsettle the housemates, and we were never going to be far away from tiara and tantrum type displays so often demonstrated by otherwise ordinary people as they go through life in the Big Brother pressure cooker!

Having been involved with supplying Big Brother with bistro style cafe furniture, of course, we have nominated the dining area our winner! Beautiful tones of Turquoise and Pink dominate the space along with slightly quirky cabinetry capable of displaying cupcakes, those old jars of sweets all surrounded by retro styled and decorated facia panels and a carpet that’s too difficult to describe but it works!

So onto the rest of the house: an open shower looking onto the garden and a living room designed to look like the outdoors is just too personal and weird for most us to comprehend but it gets worse. Get over the fact that you have to share with about seven other people and all that it entails, the housemates were forced to sleep in separate spheres the idea being to draw attention to the class issues of the UK.

The grotty bedroom looked to be especially grotty with a filthy carpet, hardly any storage, rickety old beds with that kind of patchwork quilt look that most 1950’s Grandmothers would have been proud of and exposed brickwork displaying graffiti which was no threat to any half decent graffiti artist. There was an old fireplace with a washing line strung above adding to the feel of what we imagine to be pure claustrophobia. The luxury bedroom on the other hand was homely with a great colour scheme that would, surely, provoke a feeling of calm in even the most uptight of us? We got the feeling of space, from what we saw of the luxury bedroom, with bedding to die for and tasteful animal themed wall art.

That’s it …there was only one winner for us...not even going to say answers on a postcard..soo old school and to late! But if you are thinking about injecting a little bit of “The United Kingdom of Big Brother” into your dining space the dining chairs featured are available here.

Image credits: The Sun, Channel 5

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