Unique Cafe Furniture - Made of Bones?

Cafe design and cafe chair design has undoubtedly changed through the decades. There are still iconic chairs that were made 50-60 years ago that are still popular today, however there are more extreme designs made today that are made for art over functionality. Featured below is a typical example of this. Ama Darko Williams, a 24 year old masters student in Innovation Design Engineering at the Royal College of Art in London, was walking past a butcher shop in his own city of London and found a large pack of large cow bones left out in the rubbish. Most people would not have taken any notice of the pile of bones, but Ama, unlike most people saw the unusual potential that this had. Ama managed to produce a very risque set of stools with this seemingly useless load of materials.

The "3rdLeg", is possibly the most sustainably designed product in this century, what is more sustainable than using the bones of the meat that you are eating as your chair. "The abundant supply and sustainable source of bone make it an ideal material for furniture" comments Williams. "Certain parts of bone remain very strong after death. Tests were carried out as to where best to place steel supports, but the bone alignment still holds a lot of weight." The stools themselves may look like fragile pieces of cafe furniture; they are not as fragile as you might think. Each of the stools has been proven to be able to carry up to 220 pounds. The process of making the stools was complex, however when approached and asked about this process, Williams commented "Like sausage, the less you know, the better. 3rd leg emerged out of a lot of boiling, burning, blood, rotting, and fat."

Posted by: Cafe Reality

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