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Union Street Cafe – An Unlikely Duo…

August 14th 2013

You may already have heard the news that Gordon Ramsay and ex footballer David Beckham are joining forces to open a new eatery, but yesterday the two celebrities let it known that it will be opening next month in South London (SE1). Although the site is not ready for the restaurant furniture yet, pictures have been released of what the area will look like upon completion.

The area itself appears to be keeping up with current trends in café and restaurant design by opting for the “industrial” look to be prominent throughout the café. The rooms themselves will feature exposed brick work, large factory style high windows and ceilings that have left the Pipes uncovered. The area has been described as an “Urban Warehouse” and has been made in an attempt to try and reflect the look and feel of the SE1 area.

Union Street Cafe - An Unlikely Duo... image 1

The designer for this project is Russell Sage, who has also worked with Ramsay to create his “Bread Street Kitchen” that has already proved popular amongst locals and tourists alike.

Union Street Cafe - An Unlikely Duo... image 2

The pictures themselves show the dining area and bar area and feature café tables and chairs in both leather and fabric in neutral colours. The bar area also features rugs that you would most certainly expect to find in your grandmothers living room, however they seem to work well as part of the overall décor.

The restaurant area features decorative wooden table bases with white table cloths and dark wooden chairs that are upholstered with a cream fabric that goes with the neutral colour scheme that they are trying to achieve. The look of this area, even though it still follows the same “industrial style” look of TV chef Jamie Oliver’s restaurant but it seems that the furniture is a long way away from Oliver’s all metal chairs and tables.

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