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Trends of 2015 – Can you predict the future?

General Info January 14th 2015

As I gaze out of the Office Reality HQ window, concentrating on the raindrops trickling down from the sky, I can’t help but think to myself “I need a holiday or at least for spring to arrive”. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas and everything that comes with it but after the New Year pandemonium is over, I feel somewhat deflated. During my 27 year existence, not once have I heard someone say “I really can’t wait until January next year”. Never happened and it never will, unless you’re venturing to another part of the world and if that is the case, I hope you have fantastic time. Nevertheless I think the rest of us suffer with what's called 'the January blues'.

Therefore, I want to take a look at the season of spring and the trends that we are likely to see as we walk round our local Villages, Towns and Cities.

Business owners I’m sure will be starting to think of how to kit out their outdoor areas. Will it be bright vibrant furniture, Teak, Rattan? Or will it be another year for Industrial furniture? A 2014 trend that seems to not only be taking the Leisure sector by storm, but also the Office Design trade which has seen a vast amount of enquiries during 2014.

Why has it become so popular? Is it because industrial furniture can also be bright and colourful, with ranges like the Xavier Pauchard Chair having 20 different shades of each colour presented? It’s difficult to speak for all of you, but this is how I see it...

Similar to the mullet many years ago, some trends suddenly see a resurrection, a rebirth but why? I believe the answer to be - some trends are TIMELESS. Every once in a while you will see a man sporting a mullet, along with full denim attire. It’s the same for Industrial café furniture. I believe people refer to it as the ‘snowball effect’. We all try predicting future trends when things seem a little bleak. Are we usually surprised about the latest fad? Yes, of course we are. It never goes the way we think it will. If I’m honest, I am still clinging to the hope that a bike manufacturer will one day reproduce the ‘Penny Farthing Bike’ but, that’s a subject for another day.

During the last couple of years it’s clear to see one trend stands out above the rest but predicting that trend is a whole different ball game. My magic 8 Ball never seems to get it right. So, I suppose we will just wait and see.

Whatever the café/leisure trend of 2015 may be, I’m sure it will look great.

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