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Tips in Cafe Design

As you are probably well aware, a big part of your cafe and the overall look, impression and appeal is the cafe furniture. Making a good first impression is extremely important in any cafe as you will want customers to enjoy their stay and come back again.

We know that cafe furniture is a huge expense but it is well worth your while to spend that little bit extra on the quality as this will help your business no end. The first thing that you want to consider when designing a cafe is the seating layout. You want to make sure that you use the space effectively, by this we mean fitting as many cafe chairs and seats in the area as possible without creating an area that is too cramped.

The next stage is to think about comfort and practicality. It can be on occasion that these two factors conflict with each other, for example a chair maybe practical because it is easily cleaned but not necessarily comfortable. It is important to get this right as if your customer is sitting to have a 3 course meal then you should really think about comfort of your customer before its practicality.

The colour scheme is also another very important influential factor that you need to consider. You will want to try and steer clear from dark colours as the can come across as intimidating and depressing. Try and stick to lighter colours when designing your cafe as these will help give a more positive ambiance which is what you want from your cafe.

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