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Three fantastic reasons for offering alfresco dining

January 2nd 2018
Three fantastic reasons for offering alfresco dining

We know it’s winter, and that eating outside is probably the last thing on most people’s minds right now, but it’s always worth looking forwards especially when it comes to your business. So with the new year a distant memory it could be the right time to give some thought to how your cafe or bar could be improved during the course of 2018.

If you don’t do it already, then how about offering an alfresco dining experience? An easy ask even for those entrepreneurs who are a little lacking in creativity and imagination, it simply requires that you set up a few dining tables and chairs in your outdoor area. Here are just three of the reasons why you might want to give it some thought…

It’s an open invitation to diners - One of the best things about alfresco dining is that having tables and chairs set up outside is essentially like having a giant invitation on display. Even those who aren’t thinking about eating are enticed by it, the mere sight of your set-up reminding them that they’re actually feeling a bit peckish, even if they haven’t realised it up to that point. It’s far easier for passers-by to saunter past your window without a second glance than it is for them to carry on past artfully arranged tables and chairs that are so conveniently ready for them to sit down in, right?

It always appeals to dog walkers - Lots of cafes, bars, and restaurants are dog-friendly, but those who are out and about with their pooches often feel a little uncomfortable walking inside with them, especially if they have muddy paws. Having the option to sit outside makes them feel much more able to eat at your place, especially if you have a sign outside to let them know that canines are welcome, and a water bowl or two enticingly placed by your open door.

It’s a great advert for your business - Best of all, alfresco dining is a great advertisement for your business, and you don’t have to pay anything for it. The sight of happy diners sat outside tucking into their dinners is a wonderful way to showcase your wares, and the enticing aroma of your gorgeously cooked grub will be almost irresistible to those walking by, so expect a much-increased number of unplanned drop-ins after installing some outdoor seating.

Finally our in house design team are always on hand to help visualise your space ahead of the procurement process. Speak to us if you would like any help with planning or furniture specification.

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