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The smallest cafe in the world is in…..Norwich

April 7th 2010

If you were asked to invest in a cafe that was so small you could only seat 5 people, even if we were not in a recession, I am sure that you would call them mad, however 27 year old Hayley Draper is doing exactly that.

The Window located on Wensum Street in Norwich opened only a few months ago has seen increasing business and has become the talk of the town. The name was apparently chosen by the new owner because of the size of the building and that it can only contain 5 cafe chairs.

When you sit in here it's basically a window, and it's also a window in your day when you press the pause button and make some time for yourself? said Miss Draper in an interview with the Norwich Evening News. Not only is this cafe one of, if not the smallest cafe in the country, a bid for the smallest cafe in the world has been submitted to the Guinness Book of Records to which the reply was stated that there was a ?good chance? that ?The Window? could feature in the next edition. Fingers crossed that we can bring this record home

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