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The House of Chickens in Turkey

March 13th 2020
The House of Chickens in Turkey

We have decided to take a break from writing about cafe furniture and cafe design but write instead about chickens in Turkey. That's right chickens in Turkey!

The House of Chickens in Turkey may sound like a nursery rhyme or wordplay, but it is, in fact, a perfect example of how something highly practical can benefit from creative design.

This is “functional art” at its best and most rural. It also reflects the global move to give farm animals a better living environment!

Art and Architectural Farm project - Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Well in terms of this innovative architectural project, the idea of creating stunning structures for animals to live in was part of a rural rejuvenation project in Turkey. The Palanga Art and Architecture Farm in Erzincan is the brainchild of artist Kutlug Ataman.

Architectural studio SO?, which is based in Istanbul, took up the challenge. They created a visually appealing modular coop to hold up to 800 chickens. The versatile design includes the potential to add to its wooden frame to accommodate more birds as the farm grows and develops.

The chicken house was made out of the building materials generally used for outdoor structures in Turkey, and provides spacious natural shelter for its feathered residents. Its simple symmetry employs oak plywood trusses. The frame holds a series of oxidized metal panels, topped off by a roof made of corrugated metal and angled to protect the chickens from the sun.

Enough to make a chicken cross the road? - The super cool finished result is stunning and reminiscent of a Japanese tea house!

Yet from a farming perspective, it is extremely sympathetic to the roosting and resting habits of its occupants, ensuring that they are happy enough to lay plenty of eggs. It even features perches that provide the birds with ample “poop” potential, without sitting in each other’s waste.

In a really novel twist, the architectural firm designed this coop to ensure egg collection takes place externally. It means the occupants can enjoy their new home undisturbed, sleeping and incubating to their chicken hearts’ content!

Practical, functional pieces can be beautiful - Despite this highly stripped down vibe and functional excellence, a news report about the project in one magazine said: “This $20,000 chicken coop is more beautiful than your house.”

Now that really takes talent, turning a simple and accessible farm structure into a work of art!

One of the things Café Reality aims to do is to provide clients with that same combination of strong aesthetics and practical excellence.

All our café and restaurant furniture is “egg-sactly” fit for purpose and if you need any help with the design of your existing coop or proposed space speak with a member of our design team today.

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