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The hottest cafe trends of 2017

General Info, News January 17th 2018
The hottest cafe trends of 2017

Last year was a great year for cafe outlets, with exciting new decor trends, a rise in the love of the artisan and a huge growth in sales. In fact, Mintel reported in early 2017 that we had seen the highest cafe sales growth in 2016/17 since the last boon in 2008, with the current market value of UK cafes now at £3.4 billion according to Eat Out So what were the hottest cafe trends of last year, and which ones will make it in 2018?

Chains out, artisans in - Sales at the big shots such as Costa and Starbucks went down as coffee drinkers turned to artisan cafes for their favourite caffeine-fuelled tipple. This is great news for those setting up an independent business. 2017's consumer was looking for authenticity, local produce and a company that was seen to be paying its way. This is a trend we can expect to continue well into 2018 and beyond.

Roasting their own coffee - This was a massive trend in the US as cafes that roasted their own coffee were firm favourites with customers. Tying in with the notion of choosing artisan coffee shops over chains, again we can expect to see more coffee houses that roast their own coffee in the UK in 2018.

One supplier - Many cafes also moved away from the multi-coffee model, choosing one excellent supplier or self roasting over offering dozens of brands of coffee. This shows both a confidence in consumers that artisan baristas know their product, but also shows the financial shrewdness of cafe owners.

Vegan is in - The number of Vegan-only cafes in the UK rose enormously in 2017 (as did the numbers of vegans). Furthermore, the number of cafes offering vegan options rose even higher. Veganism isn't a trend, it's a lifestyle movement that simply isn't going anywhere. If your cafe doesn't offer at least one vegan option, it's time to get with the programme.

Raw Industrial - When it comes to interiors, the raw industrial look was king of 2017. This is a long-term trend that will extend well into 2018 and beyond. Copper and gunmetal chairs are an ideal choice for those looking to get on board with this trend. Exposed and reclaimed wood was also popular, but one we are slowly moving away from.

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