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The Great British BBQ

General Info May 12th 2014

The Great British BBQ

With the British summer fast approaching, everyone will be starting to get excited at the prospect of having numerous amounts of barbeques (I know I am). The typical British BBQ is not just hot dogs and burgers nowadays, it’s much more complex than that and includes kebabs, special homemade chicken marinades and even sweet foods such as BBQ banana split. The BBQ is becoming much more of an event now with weeks of planning taking place. Hosts take it very seriously – it reminds me of the show ‘Come Dine With Me’ with plenty of judges but none of the scoring and prize money.

Outdoor furniture is the key to the success. Family and friends will be (secretly) judging you throughout the day on everything from the fancy drinks on offer all the way down to the table they’re eating off, so outdoor furniture must be chosen wisely.

So if you are in the planning stage of your epic BBQ party, take a few moments to review my pick of garden furniture to help you create the perfect BBQ scene:

The Great British BBQ image 1

Terrace Outdoor Folding Table

The Great British BBQ image 2

Terrace Outdoor Folding Armchair

The Great British BBQ image 3

Solari Outdoor Heater 3KW Single Element

As your friends and family relax and enjoy their favourite tipple, the pressure builds on you... ‘The Host’. Everyone will chill out and attempt to make interesting conversation whilst waiting for the eagerly anticipated food and it’s up to you to deliver. If you pull this off then your BBQ will be talked about for a very long time, it will be the BBQ of the season and will be legendary. After the food is out and your work is done, it’s your turn to relax with a beverage and some of that very tasty BBQ food. (Hopefully) you will think about the great job you’ve done and the smile you have put on everyone’s faces.

Add some music to compliment the ambience and the hot summer sun and viola you have achieved the perfect BBQ.

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