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The Aluminium Outdoor Chair Comeback

When you think of aluminium outdoor chairs I am sure that about 99% of people will picture the standard silver chair with a tubular frame, four legs and a slatted back. These chairs have been around for decades and set the standard for outdoor cafe furniture. This was until the introduction of plastic furniture in the recent years. Plastic outdoor furniture such as plastic chairs, have been used in domestic environments for a long period of time, however it is only more recently that the plastic cafe chairs in particular have been made and used at commercial level.

Plastic chairs have the advantage of being able to be made in a range of different colours and can be left out in extreme conditions and can be very resilient against weather and other damage. The cost of these chairs is also another key factor as they are relatively inexpensive. Aluminium outdoor furniture is slowly beginning to catch up on this however. The cost of Aluminium furniture has never really been the issue, aluminium furniture is also relatively cheap. However it has only been recently that we have started to see aluminium cafe furniture break away from its stereotype and move to a more colourful design.

The Forest chair by Janus et Cie, is a typical example of this. Constructed from die cast aluminium, these chairs are covered in an electrostatic powder coating which is available in 12 different colours including olive green, white, lilac and red. Also the design of these chairs has become more intricate and often these designs are able to imitate plastic furniture designs proving that they are just as strong and durable as well as lending themselves more towards the design aspect of the cafe furniture design world. Below are some examples of this

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