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Distinguished Dinnertime Dining: The three Ds. Although we at Cafe Reality have invented the distinguished dinner time dining concept, our emphasis is mainly on Distinguished, as we believe that every meal occasion is one to be cherished and every moment to be savoured in the most distinguished fashion imaginable.

And whilst we remain one of the largest industrial retailers of distinguished canteen furniture, restaurant furniture and bistro furniture, we do not forget the individual household in our 3D concept. For you may find yourself alone at home, having to cook and entertain yourself whilst everyone is out of town, on business trips, seminars and what have you.

Cafe Reality brings to you the individual, smart and comforting home furniture that you may organise around your lounge area, providing more space for relaxation. Our range of distinguished Hoffman Cubis is for you to simply seat your body in the luxury and comfort of genuine leather, whilst you make yourself comfortable in front of the television as you prepare for your evening with popcorn and crisps for the next season of your favourite show.

But if you are not the television type when you are alone at home, and prefer to just relax with a book or drift away in your own thoughts, then we have a great offer for you: Our Eames rocking chair.

These are so distinguished in their design as these chairs have a phenomenal quality: they seem to bring that distinguished flavour along as one quietly rocks away on them.

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