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The 10 most bizarre restaurants in the world

General Info January 16th 2018
The 10 most bizarre restaurants in the world

Going out for dinner is a great way to explore all of the delicious tastes the world has to offer, but some venues provide more than just food. Here's 10 of the most crazy restaurants in the world:

1.Ninja New York - This restaurant might just be the most original thing we've come across. It has been designed after a 15th Century Japanese feudal village. The Japanese food offered on their menu is served via ninjas who leap around performing tricks for the guests all night.

2. Itahh Undersea Restaurant - Open since 2005 and located at the Hilton Maldives Resort and Spa, this fantastic eatery is literally underwater, giving patrons a 360 degree view of the sea life in the Maldives ocean. The dining experience at this unique restaurant is intimate, as it seats just 14 people.

3. Redwood's Treehouse - Just outside of Wackworth, New Zealand, you'll discover this pod-shaped wooden structure stood 32 feet above the ground and secured in a Redwood tree. At a minimum of £3000 to host an event in this gorgeous, unique space, you might want to start saving if you want to book it for your next birthday party.

4. Modern toilet - The title might be off-putting... as well as the decor, the crockery and the cutlery. Everything in this Asian restaurant chain has been made to look like a toilet.

5. Lumilinna Snow Castle - Located in Finland, this amazing hotel is reconstructed every winter with a new design. The restaurant seats 120 guests and has ice tables.

6. Princess Heart Restaurant - With fairy tale-like decor and a princess theme, this cute restaurant in Japan is ideal for any girly-girl, and it's a good job too, because single men aren't allowed in.

7. Devil Island Prison - On Devil Island in China, you can experience what it's like to be a prisoner at this original restaurant. The waiters even wear prison uniforms.

8. The Rock - This tiny restaurant is located in the beautiful Zanzibar ocean. At high tide, you can only reach it by boat.

9. O.Noir - At various locations around Canada, you can have your food served to you in the dark. The experience is meant to enhance the flavours of the gorgeous food they serve.

10. Singapore Flyer - Located in the world's second largest observational wheel, experience fantastic fine dining in your own private pod, served to you by a butler.

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