Slates v plates - gimmick and grime?

Slates v plates - gimmick and grime?

Some people feel so strongly about having proper plates and not slates (or miniature shopping trolleys or garden trowels) that they're campaigning about it. A recent YouGov survey found that 99% of people like a round plate to eat from, as opposed to 69% who think a slate is acceptable.

The Instagram effect - The worst offenders seem to be gastropubs, looking for a way to differentiate themselves from the competition. Serving your food in an instantly Instagrammable way is good for business, after all. But, however wacky or wonderful these dishes may look, they're not easy to eat from with juices either soaking into the slate or running all over the tablecloth. 

There are easier ways to add an edge to your restaurant venture with reclaimed pub furniture for that retro vibe - just make sure you serve your food on white china plates!

Create impact with furniture - Now that there's such a backlash against gimmicky and grimy food presentation, it's time to focus on design for your bar furniture and restaurant furniture, which is an instant way to add wow and to make your customers feel welcomed, rather than turned off by gimmicks. 

If you want to deliver the perfect ambience in your space, invest in your restaurant tables UK, making them as convivial as possible, and create an instant connection with some great free canapés or a taster slice of pizza. It's about putting your customers at ease and anticipating the great food to come - served on a plate, of course.

Go retro - Focus your design energies on the interior space and let the food speak for itself. Using upcycled old pub furniture is a clever way to create a very comfortable retro look that makes bread rolls in flat caps look redundant. And, if your food is good enough, who needs gimmicks? Your customers will want a comfortable and stylish place to meet, eat and enjoy, and using reclaimed pub furniture is a clever and cost-effective way to get the look.

Design with ease - At cafe reality, all the cafe furniture products on our site comes with a detailed description and pricing, making it quick and hassle free to choose just the right bar or restaurant furniture for your hotel, cafe or restaurant. We are incredibly proud of our stellar customer service, so if you're in any doubt about picking furniture for your cafe, please contact a member of our design team and we'll be happy to help you make the right choices - just don't forget, plates not slates!

Posted by: Josh Seddon

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