Retaining three types of coffee shop regulars

Retaining three types of coffee shop regulars

As any coffee shop owner worth their salt knows, the establishment’s regulars are some of the most valuable customers and should be treated as such. If you run a coffee shop and have started to notice certain faces again and again, it’s probably a good sign that they like your coffee. However, there is always a chance that they will grow tired of the decor or surroundings and discover other coffee shops they prefer.

Don’t take your regulars for granted. To hold on to them, it may be a good idea to assess their visiting pattern and kit out your coffee shop with some cafe furniture that caters to their needs. We’ve listed a few types of coffee shop regulars to provide some inspiration:

Rush hour regulars - Rush hour regulars are essentially local professionals hoping to find a little quiet and solace before heading in for another hectic day at the office. As well as strong and delicious coffee, these customers are looking for somewhere relaxing and isolated to minimise their stress levels ahead of the business day. To fulfil this desire, it may be a good idea to feature a few small coffee height tables with low lighting and comfortable low chairs. If you have any snugs in the building, make the most of them to create a cosy rush-hour refuge and serve cake!

Those looking for an office away from the office - As working patterns change and managers look for inspirational spaces outside of the office, coffee shops are starting to see an increase in large groups of workers descend on the premises. In this way, it is important that you have reliable and powerful Wi-Fi, along with tables with the capacity to hold larger groups. Design in some bench furniture arrangements away from the main hustle and bustle of the coffee shop, otherwise it may make the establishment seem busier than it is and turn other punters off.

Writerly types - As well as large groups of workers, your establishment is likely to see a high volume of freelance workers or budding novelists hoping to get their work done in a stimulating environment with a little buzz. These coffee lovers are often attracted to window seats so they can gain inspiration from the world around them. To cater to this desire, place a few single seat tables or bar stools around the window area, making sure they provide plenty of space for books, papers and laptops.

Posted by: Josh Seddon

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