Proof That We Will Buy Anything

We as human beings find value in almost anything it seems as long as the item has some form of history. For example a used toothbrush would usually consider worthless, but if I told you that this toothbrush was used by Brad Pitt on the set of one of his films, suddenly the tooth brush becomes increasingly more valuable.

How would you feel then if I presented you with a used cafe chair, uninteresting in design and from an internet cafe in Berlin. Obviously your first thought would be ?why would I want to buy this?? but if I told you that this was the chair that Luka Magnotta, the ?Cannibal killer? suspect was sitting on when he was arrested, what would be your thoughts now? Last Friday, this chair was posted on eBay and it received 36 bids, whether these were 36 individuals, we do not know but the figure reached 1,111,11 euros before eBay shut it down on Sunday.

The chair itself has been described as "a rather unimpressive" cafe chair or office chair but one that is "guaranteed to be and unbeatable conversation piece in your home". Kadir Anlayisli alerted the police after recognising Magnotta in the internet cafe that he was working in. Magnotta was reading the news coverage of himself when he was arrested by German police on June 4th. By looking at this you can see that everyday items can become valuable once it has a story. Cafe furniture is an obvious item that can be used to make a lot of money. For instance if you ran a cafe, served John Travolta and then he sat in one of your outdoor cafe chairs outside and you took a picture, you may be able to sell this piece of cafe furniture for a small fortune. That's something to think about!

Posted by: Cafe Reality

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