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Probably the best robotic kitchen in the world

General Info, News May 3rd 2019
Probably the best robotic kitchen in the world
A new culinary experience has come to downtown Boston in the form of Spyce, probably the first robotic restaurant experience in the world. Powered by seven mechanical woks, Spyce boasts that it can deliver a meal to the diner in under three minutes. With efficiency and technology at its core, Spyce is the brain-child of four MIT students who wanted to solve the problem of eating healthily on a budget. They wanted to deliver the quality of high-end cuisine whilst remaining an inexpensive option for those who can't afford a gourmet price-tag. The efficiency of the robots ensures that the price of each meal is kept low, delivering great value for money.
The dining experience is a true reflection of the advanced technology on display in the kitchen. Diners order their desired meal on a touch screen device before witnessing their food being prepared by the robotic chefs. Once ingredients have been selected and portioned, they are then cooked with the use of induction technology in front of the customer. Before serving, the restaurant's 'Garde Mangers' garnish and apply the finishing touches to the final product, the only time that human hands are involved within the culinary process.
Serving a diverse range of world cuisine, the robots at Spyce have a lot to offer with a menu devised by the highly decorated chef, Daniel Boulud. Whether you're in the mood for Lebanese or Thai, Spyce has created a menu whereby most dishes can be customised to suit vegans, vegetarians and pescatarians. Gluten-free options are also available.
Beyond the clearly high-quality recipes, there is an ethical and environmentally conscious undertone at the root of Spyce's ethos. The induction technology used to cook the food is more energy efficient whilst the self-cleaning woks use less water than a dishwasher. The founders, Michael Farid, Kale Rogers, Luke Schlueter, and Brady Knight even made the choice to reject beef when it came to choosing ingredients - "beef production isn’t sustainable. While we are all about flavor, we understand that our choices have an impact on the world around us."
With the world looking towards a more sustainable future, could robotic restaurants provide the ethical solution the culinary industry is looking for?
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