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Poseur Tables – What are they for?

Bar Furniture, Cafe Furniture February 27th 2012

Cafe furniture, not surprisingly is one of the most important purchases that you will make when opening a new cafe, bar or bistro. You want to make sure that the cafe tables and chairs matches the decor or the ambiance that you want to achieve in your restaurant or cafe to create a warm and welcoming place for people to eat and drink their coffee. Many people know about cafe tables and chairs and their functions (I would be very surprised if you didn't!) however when you mention poseur tables and barstools, they may know what they are, but don't know why they can be quite useful. This blog aims to outline their function.

First and foremost poseur tables are designed to be a more casual form of furniture. They are usually around 1100mm high so you can have a drink whilst standing and conversing. This is ideal for bar areas where you may not have enough space for chairs so they can help save much needed space.

Barstools are always used with poseur tables, for the simple reason that they are taller. One of the great things about poseur tables when used in conjunction with cafe tables and chairs and other forms of cafe furniture, then it can give a unique look to the area by breaking up the environment and creates more dynamic atmosphere.

Just like cafe tables and chairs, there are many different types of poseur tables and barstools. These include outdoor furniture, including rattan barstools and aluminium barstools as well as solid wood tables and stools. Many of the indoor cafe tables that feature on Cafe Reality have a poseur table option, so you should have no problem in trying to match the cafe tables and chairs to your poseur tables and barstools.

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