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Pop-up Restaurants are the Latest Craze

The world has changed (for better or worse, I can’t decide) since the invention of social media networks. Not only can you get in contact with people that you have not seen for years, but you can actually follow them and see what they are doing in their day to day lives. Not only has this but it been a good chance for business to advertise themselves with some even being able to contact their customers through networks such as Facebook.

There is one craze that has come from these the creations of such social media networks is pop-up restaurants. The idea is that groups are set up on Facebook or Twitter that potential diners can follow to find out the restaurants next location and make online reservations. When the spot is picked, the restaurant is set up with outdoor furniture whether it is folding aluminium chairs and café tables or just plain café chairs or café tables and then the area functions like a normal restaurant. After the diners have left, all the furniture is packed up and the area is cleared as if nothing had been there.

This type of “fine dining” is actually a great way of young chefs to show off their skills in the hospitality field. The reason for this is that the young professionals are given the opportunity to show off their skills to potential investors in the hope of securing some kind of restaurant in the future. It is not just open areas that pop up restaurants are using. It’s underused or abandoned warehouses and former factories as well as private homes. This is also a great opportunity for young chefs to get to use professional equipment giving them practice before using the real thing. It looks like this type of dining is here to stay so look out for one in a town near you!

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