Paulistano Chair- a Brazilian Chair Remade for the Modern Day Market

When we look around at the chairs today, whether they are cafe chairs, office chairs, dining chairs or restaurant furniture, we can see a lot of the more designer ones are actually remakes of chairs that were designed 50 years ago. For example many of the chairs made by the Eames brothers in the 50s are still as popular as when they were first manufactured. There chair which is the subject of this blog post however is a chair that can be used for a host of applications. It can be a cafe chair, a restaurant chair, a meeting room chair or conference chair, even a dining room chair. The chair that I am talking about is the Paulistano chair.

Designed in 1957 by Mendes de Rocha in Sao Paulo Brazil, the chair won the 2006 Priztker Prize for design and has joined the ranks of other furniture items such as the Herman Miller Aeron chair for iconic furniture.

The cafe chair itself has been made from a single 17ft steel rod that has been bent using 200lbs of hydraulic pressure over 24 hours to make the framework of the chair. This is then welded in just one place and a leather cover made from almost an entire hide is that fitted to the chair to make the seat and back. The great thing about the leather used is that as time goes by, it adds depth and luster and comfort is never compromised. The chair can be easily adjusted by moving the leather sling up and down the frame to create either a slouching seat position or an upright seated position depending on the user's preference. Due to the chairs quality and design it has become part of the permanent collection in the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA).

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