Due to the miserable British weather we are currently experiencing, it may be difficult to visualise change to your outdoor area. However, with every cloud comes the notorious silver lining and this bout of poor weather has thrown up a creative opportunity for those who are in need of an outdoor area upgrade.

So get out your umbrellas and rain macs, embrace the wet weather and start planning your perfectly fashioned outdoor café space.

When creating your desired outdoor area, be sure to keep the following in mind:

  • Space Size
  • Desired Style


It's always best to start with the space you have at your disposal. I am sure I speak on behalf of everyone when I say “there is nothing worse than a dining area where people are eating on top of each other (figuratively speaking)”. Whether it’s a commercial venue or a side street café, space will always remain at the top of the decision making process no matter the business or its nature.

If you have little space available, think about choosing a range that is lightweight and stackable. You can then easily store your furniture and/or put them aside to make the most of the space you have. On the flip side, even if your outdoor area is quite big, it’s always good to have furniture that is versatile. This allows you to easily modify your space. Establishments that host parties and functions on regular occasions definitely reap the benefits of light, stackable furniture.


Remember you don’t have to concur with the furniture you have indoors. Mix it up a bit. Offer an outdoor area that has personality, mixing different colours and styles which best suit your outdoor space and brand image. Play with designs; contemporary, modern, classic or funky. The possibilities are endless.

Listed below are some of the different furniture materials we have at our disposal:

Plastic - Simple, contemporary designs and easy to maintain. This may not sound flattering to some, however the sheer versatility in colour sets it apart from the others. Any outdoor area would be brought to life with the bright, vibrant colours that are available in our wide range of plastic seating.    

Teak - Over the years, teak furniture has become one of the leading styles for Outdoor Dining Areas. Primarily because of its strong build and visual appeal. The teak furniture we offer at Café Reality is constructed from robust materials to attain the classic and modern looks that look so eloquent in any outdoor space.

Rattan – Most of the outdoor rattan furniture on our site is manufactured from modern synthetic woven rattan. A timeless aesthetic design can sometimes be overlooked when joined with a durable structure, this is definitely not the case with this furniture style. Furthermore, if you don’t want to spend most of your time outdoors maintaining your furniture, rattan is a must.

Metal - Classic and timeless spring to mind when describing our metal outdoor ranges. It’s a modern and edgy style which is perfect for any drinking and eating establishment, creating an environment that is not only inviting, but a setting which is captivating and easy on the eye.

Posted by: Cafe Reality

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