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Out with the new in with the old

General Info October 23rd 2014

As you’ve probably noticed throughout the summer, industrial furniture has begun to sweep the nation. More and more cafes, coffee shops and even restaurants are starting to buy into the industrial theme.

It’s a look that’s been prominent for many years, but it has suddenly seen a resurgence (similar to the mullet 5 years ago). It’s a look that’s contemporary yet chic, giving a rustic feel to a room which entices the customer. Brick walls provide the perfect backdrop for industrial furniture. They provide you with a dark and interesting landscape. Industrial styles don’t come easy though, if done incorrectly the room may just come across a bit dingy. That’s why I feel lighting is a key component of attaining a stunning industrial area. Bright lights in the main part of the selected area enables you to showcase your industrial theme, however, when it comes to the seating and dining areas, its wise to tone it down a bit. Use dimmer lights to create a personal, warm and homely space for your customers.

Unfortunately at café reality, we don’t offer complete lighting solutions, nevertheless, we can help provide the industrial style furniture to create this masterpiece. Our ‘ferro’ chairs are the perfect solution when it comes to crafting your industrial area. They are not only aesthetically pleasing, robust and built to last, they also provide a great deal of comfort. This is why I feel restaurants are starting to buy into the industrial look. Our chairs are available with a foam seat pad in a variety of vinyl colours, giving your potential customer even more reason to use your establishment. It not only looks amazing, it’s now comfortable too.

Now the chairs are in place, your customers may need somewhere to rest their food and drink. I suggest sticking with the darker products. Our stainless steel table base range is the perfect choice to maintain the look you’re after. Whereas chrome and silver can appear too bright, stainless steel table bases continue with the rustic look. A wood effect table top can be used to complement the rest of the surrounding décor effortlessly.

I am sure that the industrial look is only going to increase in popularity. It’s a modern and edgy style which is perfect for any drinking and eating establishment and creates an environment that is not only inviting but an environment which is intriguing. Construct an inviting area and everything else will just fall into place. Mark my words!!

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