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Our top 5 quirky London cafes

General Info September 26th 2017
Our top 5 quirky London cafes

If your struggling to workout your order of cafe visits this season don't worry the hard work has been done. We've compiled a list of the top 5 quirky London cafes that we love!

Cereal Killer Cafe - We told our youngest associate, 3 year old, Hartley that cereal needn't be just for breakfast. Needing no encouragement he was happy to mix it up a bit in brick lane! Cereal is a perfect meal for any time of the day and thankfully Cereal Killer Cafe will satisfy all your cereal cravings - no matter what they are. With more than 100 varieties of cereal sold including favourites from across the pond in the USA, 20 different toppings and 30 different types of milk, you can discover a winning combination.

The Cheese Bar -We are a nation obsessed with cheese and there's simply no better place to satisfy your mozzarella and brie cravings than a trip to The Cheese Bar. From delicious grilled cheeses to the satisfying raclette, your cheese choice will be overflowing in dairy and leave you wanting mre. You can even order drinks with your cheese, and we can't think of a better combination than cheese and wine. It's cheesy, but it'll make you feel 'grate'. The Cheese Bar originally started life as a Cheese truck, but one of the great things about it is that it actually looks like a bar with its quirky bar furniture, which adds to the appeal!

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium - Yes, there's actually a cafe dedicated to dining with furry friends. You can enjoy a classic high tea whilst relaxing with a bunch of cats for up to 90 minutes. They have even started offering pet first-aid courses and cat yoga sessions. It's an enjoyable spot to relax with friends while indulging in a coffee, a slice of cake, or a quick cuddle with a feline friend.

Dans Le Noir - Ready to dine in darkness? Then this is the spot for you. The staff at this restaurant are registered blind, meaning they also have the upper hand, since your full meal will take place in total darkness, making finding your knife and fork a challenge. This is an experience that enhances all of your other senses so that you truly appreciate the tastes of the food you're eating.

The Love Shake - If you want to be transported to the USA then check out this quirky gem. Packed with both alcoholic and traditional milkshakes you will feel like you're in America with the funky interior of wacky American Diner booths, posters, vintage lamps, and US car plates. There are plenty of photo opportunities available with the backdrop of funky furniture!

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