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How does café furniture & cafe interior design look in 2020?

March 3rd 2020
How does café furniture & cafe interior design look in 2020?

Here at Café Reality, we pride ourselves on supplying the latest café furniture and design at a great price. Our interior design work has seen furniture travel as far as Africa, Asia and the US. To help you stay ahead of the crowd, we have listed our future design predictions.

Block shapes - In the past, softer designs were popular, however, we are seeing a growing shift towards more graphic block shapes. The styles are still able to provide comfortable cafe tables and chairs, although they will offer a more dominant feel to their environment.

Classic Blue - Pantone always announce a colour of the year and for 2020 it is Classic Blue. We think this stunning colour will encourage a trend towards bright primary colours and simple design styles. Imagine fun, bright and colourful furniture pieces, used to create a relaxed almost childlike atmosphere.

It's all about planning - Luke of Artisti Coffee Roasters shares some top tips on cafe design and workflow below


Creative storage - We are seeing more people exploring their creative side with their own home interiors, so this is likely to carry through to café interiors. An area which we think will be very popular is more creative storage styles, especially wall storage with artistic pieces on display.

Statement handles and doorknobs - A quick way to update an interior is to change doorknobs and furniture handles, so we predict this will be a strong trend. An array of statement pieces are available and we expect this style to carry through to the design of many furniture items and counter spaces.

Ceramic furniture - Ceramic is a popular material choice for accessories and lighting, a trend which we can see following through to tables and cafe chairs. We expect unique, handmade ceramic pieces of furniture to begin featuring in some of the most stylish café spaces.

Vintage and eclectic styles - Think warm tones mixed with handpicked antique pieces, to create a unique café interior. We expect unusual modern styles with warm, bold colours to be combined with unique antique items. The result will be a personalised interior which will make any café stand out from the crowd.

Multiple textures - In recent years we have seen more café owners looking to push the boundaries with their interiors, often opting for colourful furniture and bright patterned fabric. This is likely to continue with designers looking for more textures to include within interiors, such as marble, steel and painted wood.

We believe our array of products allow designers to create the café interior they desire, whilst also offering outstanding value.

Our in house design team can realise your space using the latest in 3D technology, ahead of the procurement process, which in turn provides you with complete peace of mind. Speak with us today.

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