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Not for the Acrophobians – Dinner in the Sky

August 22nd 2013

Eating or dining out has been a popular past time for many Western countries. People pay a lot of money for top quality cuisine in an ambient setting. It seems though that it is the combined food as well as the overall experience that we pay for.

There are all sorts of different experiences with food that we can partake in. For example there is “Dining in the Dark” which has become popular in recent years. The concept behind this seemingly strange way of dining is that your sense of taste is enhanced by the fact that you cannot see… at all. Of course you are not just left to your own devices; there are people to help you if you are having trouble! This sort of experience is becoming more popular; however in my opinion it has been out done by another form of dining experience.

Dining in the Sky is a relatively new experience that is currently available in many of the major cities around the world. The table that seats 20, has not been designed to accommodate your average café chair and café table. The table features a metal construction that has the chairs attached to it and is lifted using a single crane. The chairs are also fitted with straps for added safety (and peace of mind!) that keep the diners in their seats. A chef and a waiter are also lifted with you and the whole experience is done in the air.

As you might expect, it is not cheap, but then how many people can they say that they have had dinner OVER the Grand Canyon or as high as the London Eye? We will let you decide.

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