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New Pay-Per-Minute Cafe

Cafe Furniture, News January 15th 2014

So you work mostly from your lap top and spend most of your time in Cafés sipping on over-priced lattes. There is hope for you yet as London opens its first ‘pay-per-minute’ café in London’s Old Street called ‘Ziferblat’. The idea is that everything is free and the customer pays 3p per minute or £1.80 per hour. You are then free to overdose on as much coffee as you like, with free food (including cookies and vegetables) and unlimited Wi-Fi access.

The atmosphere is relaxed and people can spend hours upon hours drinking coffee, playing board games and socialising. You are even allowed to bring your own food into the café. As you enter the café you are faced with a number of quirky looking old clocks which are used to record the time in which a customer enters and leaves.

New Pay-Per-Minute Cafe image 1

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