Mix and matching restaurant furniture

Choosing restaurant tables and chairs is no longer a matter of finding bland or matching items that will simply melt into your décor.

Restaurants, bars and cafes are having to work a great deal harder with their themes and interior designs to meet the demands of far more savvy and sophisticated customers. These are the millennials, whose viewpoint is very different from previous generations.

For them, eating out is an experience – they want it to be a wrap-around and interactive pastime.

Heck, they are very likely to want to photograph it, share it and seek approval from their social network. So dining out is more about theatre and less about food these days!

So how is restaurant furniture in the UK fitting into the new demand for dining experiences to be involved, stimulation and fun?

Both independents and homogenous chains are fighting for market share by cranking up the creativity and making their restaurants, cafes and bars as individual and memorable as possible. And that often means shaking up perceptions and going for the element of surprise – including mismatched and quirky décor.

Mixing and matching tables and chairs for restaurants adds life and interest to a venue.

Have you noticed the phenomenal popularity of 'high tea', usually served on mini picnic benches or cake stands, using mismatched china to eat off? 

There has also been a surge in extravagant desserts covered in cream, chocolate bars and multi-coloured sprinkles. Add the word unicorn to anything these days – and splash it with pastel shades – and customers will sit up and take notice.

It shows the fun side of eating out; not taking things too seriously, escapism and indulgence to distract from the doom and gloom of everyday life. 

Mix and match restaurant furniture reflects the optimism and confidence people want from their leisure time.

It's also a great way to break the design rules in a way that’s still comfortable and welcoming for customers.

Mixing and matching restaurant tables and chairs shows the same innovation and wit that has been used for food presentation recently.

There are restaurants serving food on tennis rackets, crushed recycled tin cans and mock rubbish bin lids, for example. There’s even an Isle of Man restaurant serving a cooked breakfast on a shovel.

Café Reality works hard to find quirky, imaginative and stylish choices at low costs. The restaurant furniture for sale includes contemporary, designer or traditional; plywood, plastic or laminate. Why not use metal tables and chairs alongside continental weave; or Industrial-style restaurant furniture with upholstered chairs in bold colours?

New in and currently trending is our range of scaffolding furniture. The perfect landscaped restaurant, café or bar can be created using a mixture of dining and bar height furniture in an unrivalled choice of finishes that certainly won’t melt into the décor. Choose from indoor or outdoor > scaffold , chunky , sawn  and laminate

Posted by: Josh Seddon

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