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Mix and Matching Bar Furniture

Bar Furniture June 26th 2017
Mix and Matching Bar Furniture

From the attitude of the staff to the carefully chosen décor it all matters. That’s why all bar owners should give some serious thought into what furniture they opt for in their establishment. Additionally, management shouldn’t lock themselves into only one type of bar furniture when they can reap the rewards of mix and matching. With this in mind, here are just four benefits to going down this route.

Character - Every bar needs to be at least somewhat unique if it’s to survive and continue to lure in customers. In most instances, this can be achieved just by the furniture. Mixing and matching items can create a distinctive character to a bar that will make it stand out amongst others nearby and remind people that it’s one of a kind. This could mean the difference between patrons returning or not.

Direction - The natural flow of a bar can really come together with mix and match furniture. For instance, informal high-rise bar stools can signify an area where people can catch up with their friends for a drink. Meanwhile, more formal lower-level seating can indicate a spot where customers can enjoy a quick bite to eat. Ultimately, this should lead to less people becoming confused when in the establishment.

Less rigid - Bars are predominantly places where individuals can unwind away from the pressures of work and responsibility. Therefore, they should be relaxing and as far from rigid as possible. Let’s remember that workplaces are often monotonous areas with rows upon rows of the same desk and chairs. Bars should strive to be the exact opposite of this – a feat that can be accomplished with mix and match pub furniture.

Inclusive - Mix and match bar furniture has many inclusive elements. There’s no use suggesting that customers – who vary in age and gender – all enjoy the same sorts of things when they step out of the house. Therefore, a variety of furniture can go some distance to ensuring that all patrons feel comfortable in the bar and want to return again.

Try it - There’s so many advantages to opting for mix and match furniture. If you’re ready to grasp the benefits today, get in touch with Café Reality. You’ll find a great selection of pub and bar furniture available at a fantastic price. Our in house design team can visualise you’re space so get ready to exercise some creativity!

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