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Make Sure That Your Furniture is Commercial Grade

As outlined in previous articles, furniture whether it is cafe furniture, restaurant furniture, bistro furniture etc? is probably the biggest investment you are likely to make (apart from the premises) when opening up your business. It is important not only to ensure that the furniture matches your establishment's decor but also is of high grade and is suitable for commercial use.

It tends to be that retail cafe furniture or restaurant furniture is cheaper than commercial furniture for a number of reasons, so you can see why a lot of companies, particularly during today's climate, choose the cheaper option. If you do require furniture for commercial use then buying the right grade furniture is a must for a couple of reasons.

The first is that retail furniture tends to be for residential use. What I mean by this is that it doesn't tend to be used for long periods of time. Commercial grade cafe furniture or restaurant furniture is used more frequently and gets more use as there tends to be a high turnover of people. Not only this, but the size and weight of people vary so it puts more stress on the cafe chairs or restaurant chairs. If you buy domestic furniture then these will tend not to last that long and you will probably find that you will be changing your restaurant furniture and outdoor furniture within a year, in particular the restaurant chairs.

The second reason for buying commercial furniture rather than retail is liability. Most furniture that has been built for commercial use comes with a liability warranty if someone has an accident due to the furniture breaking. Retail furniture does not have this with regards to commercial use and if you use domestic furniture in your establishment, if it breaks and someone is injured, you are liable if they take action against you.

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